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Panther Perspectives: Adelphi International Students Working On-Campus!

For many students, getting the chance to earn work experience before graduating is an important goal. For international students, it can be even more difficult to find work experiences while studying in the U.S because international students are limited to working on-campus. Fortunately, Adelphi University has many jobs to offer to students looking for on-campus... Continue reading
Life at Adelphi, Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight: James Boney, Managing Director of Adelphi International

Introducing James Boney, the Managing Director of Adelphi International! Education history: TESOL Certificate (UPenn), PhD Candidate (Temple U.), MA (La Salle U.), BA (La Salle U.) Title: Managing Director Main job responsibilities: Primary administrator of AUI When you started at AUI: March 1, 2016 What do you like about working at AUI: The collaborative environment... Continue reading
Life at Adelphi, Life in the US, Student Testimonial

TBT: Celebrating Halloween with AUI Student, Vlad Chang!

Vlad Chang (Yuzun-Vladyslav Chang), a Ukrainian M.B.A student is certainly proud to have progressed out of the MAP 1 program, but he also has a lot of great memories from his first semester with Adelphi International! Vlad was kind enough to share his memories and thoughts from his first Halloween as a student in the United States. We... Continue reading
Life at Adelphi, Student Testimonial

Adelphi International Students: Panthers Getting Involved on Campus!

At Adelphi International, we not only focus on the importance of academic success for our students, but we also recognize how important social success and integration are to the American college experience. Luckily for students, there is a great variety of clubs and organizations to choose from. Whether you want to join the Bhangra Dance... Continue reading