Here’s more information about tuition costs for attending this exclusive program designed specifically for international students at Adelphi University.

Estimated tuition and fees*

All costs displayed in USD.

Integrated Master’s Accelerator Program
1 Semester
Master’s Accelerator Program 1
(MAP 1)
1 Semester
Master’s Accelerator Program 2
(MAP 2)
2 Semesters
Pre-Accelerator Intensive English
14 Weeks
Estimated Tuition & Fees $13,380 – $15,300* $15,500 – $16,500 $23,000 – $24,000 $7,500

Note: Costs accurate at time of publication. Expect tuition to increase every year.

TIP: Don’t forget to calculate the number of credit hours you will need to take after you have completed your Master’s Accelerator semester(s). Tuition costs shown above are only related to Master’s Accelerator tuition – not the additional credit hours required after you progress into your degree. For tuition after the Master’s Accelerator, the cost is $906.40 per credit hour, plus fees.

* For specific IMAP cost, please see that degree’s page.


Interested in additional english languarge support?

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