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The Extended Accelerator Program (EAP) is a three-semester program for students seeking an immersive English-learning experience. The program gives students a firsthand practical and cultural understanding of the Adelphi campus and New York area through its contextual curriculum. Students may enter the program in the spring, summer or fall. Upon completion of the program, students progress into year two of their undergraduate education with a full year’s worth of academic credits.

  • An immersive educational experience with a contextual curriculum bridging language, culture and academics.
  • Adelphi and the World is a unique course designed for international students that will deepen your working knowledge of life in the United States and give you a comprehensive understanding of the local community and region.
  • Bolster your academic achievement with turbocharged English-language instruction, tutoring, academic advising and student support.
  • Benefit from personalized English-language instruction that’s fully contextual—for example, lab-specific English-language instruction alongside your lab-inclusive science course.

Entry requirements

To apply for Adelphi University’s Extended Accelerator Program, you should meet the following qualifications:

Minimum GPA Minimum TOEFL® Minimum IELTS™ Minimum Pearson Versant™ Minimum Password
Only one of the scores below required
2.5 60, no sub-score
below 12
5.0, no sub-score
below 4.5*
45, no sub-score
below 37
5.0, no sub-score
below 4.5

*If you need to improve your English-language proficiency before enrolling in the EAP, enter the Pre-Sessional English Program. Classes are designed to improve students’ comprehension and ability to take rigorous academic courses in the English language. Classes may be held in New York City, close to Adelphi International’s off-campus housing and about an hour from Adelphi by train (the LIRR).


Depending on their choice of major, students will follow an elective curriculum based on one of the following three tracks:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Information Sciences
  • Business, Finance and Economics

Sample Curriculum

The following curricula are samples and subject to change. Each student's curriculum will vary depending upon their Undergraduate Accelerator program track, major, interests and career goals.

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
  • Live, Learn, Grow (a)
  • English for Academic Purposes 1:
  • Core: Society and the Environment
  • Core: Interpersonal Behavior
  • Core: Math 140 or 141
  • Live, Learn, Grow (b)
  • English for Academic Purposes 2: 
  • Core: Principles of Accounting I
  • Core: Calculus I or II
  • Core: Cultural Anthropology
  • Live, Learn, Grow (c)
  • English 106: English Fundamentals of Writing
  • Core: Degree or General Education Course
  • Core: Degree or General Education Course
  • Core: Degree or General Education Course

Total credits: 30 plus

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